Connect Dapps via WalletConnect. Either desktop apps via QR code or mobile apps via direct link.


See what you sign with our Sourcify Integration.


Find the full code on our github organisation. Many other wallets claim to be open source, but only publish part of their source code.

Watch Only Accounts

Use this app even if you do not trust your phone with watch only accounts.


Use your Status.im KeyCard via NFC.


Connect your TREZOR model T or model one via USB to your phone.


Over 100 Chains, 2000 Tokens and 180000 4byte signatures via ethereum-lists where you can also submit yours!

Dark and Light theme

Don't hurt your eyes at night and get good readability at day with our light and dark themes.


Easily connect to your (or your friends) DappNode. Using your own node helps your privacy and is more decentralized than other solutions.



Developer since beeing a teenager. Focused on mobile apps - started with J2ME - then moved to Android before it's release. Open sourcing code when ever possible.

Michael Cook

The best material icon designer provided us with our nice icon. See more of his work on his website: cookicons.co. He also gives talks on how to create material icons.

Friedger Müffke

Android developer since the first days. Founder of OpenIntents and Droidcon as well as Android developer communities.


Join us on our mission to create a really free wallet. There are many ways to contribute: Feedback, PullRequests, Outreach, Graphics, ..