WALLΞTH 0.11 - approaching Beta

1 minute read

WALLΞTH 0.11 is a big step towards Beta as usability and stability are highly improved. I could remove the sync-issues by not interacting with the node while the initial sync is running. I think this is OK for now and way better than the crashes ;-) But I still kept the light-node opt-in because it still makes your phone quite warm and consumes a lot of memory/bandwidth. I also improved UX quite a bit in this version. You can now see which accounts have keys in all addressbook-screens e.g. when switching the account.

Also you can now directly create a new account from there - beore you could only access the account creation screen from the transfer activity. New is also the option to scan and generate a key here.

There and when editing an account you can now also set if you want to be notified about changes in the account. This feature makes initial use of the WALLΞTH FCM push server

Also there is now an option to sweep the account with the infinity symbol (not yet 100% sure about this symbolism - but a trash-can which was the next closest option felt wrong here)

The request screen now has an option to copy the address to clipboard - but before opening to main-net we need to address this attack-vector when using the clipboard for things like this on android.

Please let me know if you have any issues or ideas - I am always happy about feedback and use-cases. Also if you are in Berlin on the 15.06 - I will give a talk about this project on the meetup in the Berlin Ethereum office