First public WALLΞTH talk

1 minute read

I gave my first talk about WALLΞTH in the Ethereum office Berlin yesterday. It turned out great and I got a lot of nice Feedback. Thanks! You can find my slides here. That said: if you did not attend you should wait for the recordings. My slides usually contain as little text as possible and a lot of stuff will make no sense without the context of audio/video. But for the ones who have been there it can give you some links and details.

The recordings will be available a bit later. Ryan Taylor who chipped in the camera for the night had to fly out of town short after the event - but he said he will take good care of the SD-Card and make backups. As soon as I have the videos I will upload them and make another post. To give you something to watch until then - this is a talk from the great Chet Haase from the Android UI-Toolkit team about giving talks. This talk inspired the style of my presentation yesterday:

PS: here is the FDroid MR I referenced in Q/A.