WALLΞTH available on FDroid

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The flavor for FDroid was available since the beginning. I love the concept of a store that only contains libre apps and 14 other apps of mine are already available there (e.g. have a look at PassAndroid or the Offline SurvivalManual) But the release to FDroid took a while for WALLETH. The reason was that WALLETH already depends on the google maven repository which was just accepted by FDroid recently (with MR #275). I want to use the new architecture components like Room, LiveData and the ViewModel - and they only exist in this new repository.

on FDroid

Be aware that this flavor does not contain any closed source code. This also means that firebase is not baked in and hence you do not get push messages. On Google-IO 2017 google announced that the client libraries for firebase will become open source - but until then we cannot use them on firebase.