0.17 TREZOR and more

3 minute read

Hardware wallets like the TREZOR are a great way to protect your keys. With version 0.17 WALLETH gets support for interacting with a TREZOR via USB-OTG.

When adding a new account you will now see a new option:

After clicking on the TREZOR icon (the 3rd symbol) - you will be asked to connect your device:

After you connected the TREZOR and a pin is enabled you will have to enter the pin. The mapping of the numbers is displayed on the device - so your phone will not know your PIN.

You can also set a password for your TREZOR - then you will have to enter this afterwards. This also allows plausible deniability

As a last step of the import you will need to select which account/derivation from the TREZOR you want to use.

After this you are ready to use the TREZOR. It will work like a watch-only account normally and when making a transaction you will be asked to plug in your TREZOR and confirm the transaction. In your account list you will see the trezor accounts marked with a small icon:

FYI TREZOR is now also on FDroid.

Implementing support for the TREZOR also pushed kethereum (a kotlin library for Ethereum) forward - e.g. RLP is now implemented.

And this release contains more than the TREZOR support. I want to highlight pull-request #42 by zaeleus here. We now use an internal scanner. Usually I like the unix style modularity - so we have small applications that do one thing right. But as google-play does not yet allow to install dependencies the user experience here was not really nice and I will always put users first. This also allows for portrait orientation while scanning.

This comes with a bit of a price - we now need the camera permission (as a runtime permission) - and I had to think about a privacy policy as google-play requires this now when you request such a permission. Here it would be great to get some feedback as I am a coder and IANAL ;-) You find the privacy policy here. Also initial spanish and japanese translations are in this version after PRs from naofum and neoecos (they are not yet complete as I did not yet extract all strings - was thinking about waiting with translations to the point we reach beta and have more stable strings - but still merged the PRs for these languages) This version also bumps geth to 1.6.7. Also worth mentioning is that you now have the option to confirm your export password for security reasons (thanks to dirk Dirk J├Ąckel for the feedback) and all password fields now have a nice animated uncover option.

But I do not force this confirmation on you - just give a warning so you know and have the option to export your key safely. So this article is already quite long and I want to release this version - might have forgotten some things - but just try it out and please give feedback! Outlook: Next step on the road will be to enable a network switcher for other networks like ropsten and the main net ..