First transaction on main-net

1 minute read

And so this begins - WALLETH slowly grows out of alpha and gets ready for the Ethereum main-net. I do not want to waste real value for testing so everything was on rinkeby before.

Here you find the first main-net transaction.

If you have a better idea for the icon than the flag: please let me know - ideally in the form of a vector-image ;-)

Would also like to try out ERC-20 tokens on the main net - so if you have some: I am happy about samples - fractions of them are enough to test!

I could also use some ropsten test-ether to try out the switch to this network. Unforunately the faucet found for ropsten is dry :-(

Got some on /r/ethdev and successfully transfered some around.

In other WALLETH news: I recently implemented EIP55 checksums in ketherum. And implemented the usage of it for creating addresses in WALLETH (via generating a key or reading from TREZOR). For implementing EIP55 I needed a keccak implementation and so there is now a pure kotlin implementation now.

But I still love rinkeby - and remember- it is not a “no go zone” ;-)

PS: before releasing a version enabling the main-net I want to wait for this PR to arrive upstream so you are EIP155 replay protected on the main-net.