0.21 Improved on-boarding

1 minute read

Turns out not everyone found the button to transfer value to the account - so I added a ShowCaseView the first time the app starts:

Also now you can delete/undelete tokens and addresses. Especially the token-list this was important as there are so many..

To delete just swipe the token or the address.

Also planning on adding a search here.

Now you can also set the geth-verbosity so we can track down some connection-problems. Besides this there where some small fixes. E.g. this one:

#66 org.json.JSONException: Value <!doctype of type java.lang.String cannot be converted to JSONObject

Or a problem that token-transfers where not correctly displayed in the list. Also we now use the just released 1.0.0-RC Release-Candidate of the architecture components. All in all I see not much blockers for moving from alpha to beta - I only see #58 and #56 currently. Please if you find bugs: report them!

Also there is now a matrix-room for WALLETH for questions and suggestions around WALLETH.