WALLETH at DevCon3

1 minute read

I am just writing this sitting in my last connection flight (3/3) to Cancún in Mexico to attend DevCon3. I will give a short talk in the morning of day #2 and a longer deep dive session in the evening of the same day. I am very much looking forward meeting some interesting people that I only communicated online so far, reconnect with people that I already know and meet some new ones. Looking forward to some great conversations!

I also hope we can get a working-group to formalize URLs/QR-codes for ethereum together. Currently this is a bit of a wild-west and we need some formalized standard to improve interoperability. DevCon3 is a great place to get this going as a lot of Ethereum-Wallet developers will be there.

For DevCon3 I am releasing WALLETH 0.23 which does not come with new features, but some fixes and polising. Was just making some finishing touches in the hostel.

One of these fixes came via a PR of Dr. Christian Reitweiser from the Ethereum Foundation. When using the main-net: the etherscan URLs where not assembled correctly. They looked like this: https://.etherscan.io/api/.. instead of https://etherscan.io/api. This was no problem with Browsers like Brave - but resulted in non working links for FireFox. Thanks a lot for this PR! The new Version also contains a Fix for a crashbug that happened on some devices caused when using ellipsize and lines=”1” in combination - which I did for some hashes. Also the QR-Codes now got way sharper and better looking as I disabled antialiasing for them. Speaking of QR-Codes - also the offline Transaction Flow was fixed - unfortunately this was broken since the network-switching was introduced. WALLETH 0.22 also contains some things that end-users will not see like updated libraries and improvements for the UI-tests.

Hope to see some of you at DevCon3!