DevCon3 ReCap

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TL;DR: DevCon3 was great!

I have not seen that many that talks at DevCon3 - I spend more time speaking to people. The talks are recorded anyway. And when this is the case I usually watch the recordings later in a calm setting and try to use the conference time to bump into humans. Especially after I gave my talks on Day #2 bumping into people went pretty good. Just hope the videos from the breakout-room will be released soon. But some of the talks I have seen have been really great.

The talks in the context of makerDAO where really nice and carried the spirit of the free software movement - one about DappHubb and one about the Dai Stablecoin

Also was really glad to see nice use-cases like “The Data Mechanics of Saving the Planet”

And the talks like this one from vitalik that gives me hope there is a path to get us there there.

But as I said - was more talking to people at the conference - was really nice to meet some faces behind the nicks I was talking to before. And some of these conversations will carry fruits. Like the one where a lot of Ethereum wallet developers where sitting together to finally agree on erc-681 - and I was even able to convice Daniel to squeeze in chainID and prefix - pretty happy with that. Was also bumping into an iOS developer and we could check interoperability - and it worked!-)

The WALLETH talks also went great - got nice FeedBack and it was spawning great conversations. Just wished I would not have lost some time due to AV trouble as this was costing me some time that I wanted to use to make some points.

One thing I did regret not saying: About KEthereum + JITpack + Gradle-Witness - I wanted to say that what we really need here: is a really decentralized solution. With deterministic builds we can even make some kind of prove of build and generate the artifacts (like Kethereum) from the source hash that is registered on the Ethereum blockchain. And it could even be extended to carry user-facing atifacts - like apk’s - so we get a really decentralized appstore like Google-Play. That would be great!

You can find the slides of my talks here.

Here is the stream from the WALLETH introduction in the main hall:

The WALLETH session in the breakout-room was also recorded but not streamed :-( And only the streamed recordings are available so far.