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WALLETH 0.25 does not come with many new features - but with a lot of small improvements. You can now search for tokens in the token-list as the list of tokens gets really long - especially on the main-net (Currently 281 different ERC-20 tokens there). This feature was added via a PullRequest from Friedger Müffke. Thanks for this!

He also implemented the indicators for rounded values and submitted this via another PullRequest.

On top of this I implemented a option so if you click on the value you get a dialog showing you the precise value as one user told me he sometimes needs to know the exact values.

Also a big improvement is the data-consumption - there was a lot of waste when communicating with Etherscan which is removed now. Also the polling interval is now different (longer) when the app is in background. 7s in foreground and 70s in background.

This version also includes a updated version of Geth - 1.7.3 - which contains improvements for the light-client.

Other good news is that this version now signs transactions via EIP155. Before I had some problems using the EIP155 signer from geth and was still using the Homestead signer - but this problem is gone now - YAY!

And last but not least this version now contains initial support for ERC-681. This already enables scanning of ERC-681 codes - but the support is not fully done yet. In the next versions WALLETH will get support for more features of this new standard.

As always I am happy if I get some feedback. A big thank to all the ones already gave some so far. Also big thanks to the old and new contributors! I think we are not that far away from reaching beta-state.