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WallETH will soon use data from the 4byte.directory. So it should be as up to date as possible. And inspired by this redditor I lowered the barrier to entry when providing signatures to this database. Now you just have to install a github app (with minimal and read only permissions). You only need to browse to github.com/apps/4bytebot - then you will see this screen:

After you click install you can select the organisation or account where the bot should be installed:

Then you can select on which repositories this bot should act and see how little permission it needs:

And this - now you can just continue your normal workflows and your signatures will automagically be added when you push commits that contain solidity files.

Thanks for reading and considering to contribute your method signatures. A huge shout out to pipermerriam for the 4byte.directory and his fast fixes for some issues I had with the service. So much joy to work together like this!