0.34 Trezor Model T compatibility

1 minute read

Version 0.34 of WallETH can now be used with the new TREZOR Model T. Be aware that as awesome as the device is - there are still some rough edges in the the Ethereum side of things. Nothing really critical as far as I see so far. Only display problems like #154 or #155. Both fixed in code - but the firmware is not yet rolled out.

But the TREZOR T opens up even more possibilities in the future. Really hope signing the WallETH apk will become reality in the future. Google also just gave this an upgrade path with signature scheme v3.. And the bigger screen plus the better developer experience can help us better understand what we sign in the future.

I think hardware wallets can play one important role in bringing good UX with good security to the space. The model T is a step in the right direction. Especially for mobile. The USB-C connection can remove the need for adapters and frustration with the asymmetry of things in the future. Also happy with the touchscreen - especially the “touch to transact” user experience.

Also I really like that the TREZOR uses ethereum-lists in the intended way of fetching the processed lists via IPFS (as a build-script-step of course - the TREZOR T does not have IPFS connectivity now :)

0.34 was just uploaded to the play-store. The tag is also set so the pipeline for the f-droid version is started - but sometimes this can take some time currently. But this is out of my control. We really need to decentralize appstores in the future - having a lot of ideas in this direction - but other stuff that needs to be done before ..-)


Just had access to a phone with USB-C - so could try out a connection without the use of a OTG adapter - pure USB-C goodness. So symmetric - loving it: